Anne Bonifacio House Domaine Sperone


The house is situated in Ciappili in Domaine of Sperone, an area that occupies a large part of the Coast from Capo Pertusato to Pintarella beach, closer to Bonifacio, in front of Lavezzi’s archipelago.

The planning for building was developed by a team of French architects, GEA, that worked before for the construction of villas in California and in Avoriaz. They tried to planning a residential area respecting the characters of the place, choosing for this the wood as the main material used.

Inside the Domaine there are four kind of allotments: Ciappili, Hautes de Sperone, Falatte and Piantarella.
Anne house was built in 1998 by the architect Boguslaw Brzeczkowski of the “GEA” group. The structure is in concrete and it’s covered by red cedar wood.

Anna house in Santa Margherita Ligure

Genova – Liguria – Italy

The house is located in San Lorenzo on the hill that overlooks Santa Margherita Ligure.
The apartment is inside an old residential villa (Villa Roccia) completely restored and fractionated in 2008. The building has a squared shape and is built in stone at the beginning of the XX century. It is surrounded by a garden on several levels with a shared swimming pool and a magnificent view on Tigullio bay.

The exterior is completely built in stone as well as the floors, except the terrace facing east, which is covered with teak wood. The interior is characterized by a dyed oak wood parquet and wall painted with the same tone. The big windows that open on the garden facing the sea characterize this side of the house.

Ale House in Formentera

Balearic Islands – Spain

The house is located on Formentera in the most agricultural, wild and fascinating area of the island: Es Cap de Barbary. The old finca (definition of a typical house of Formentera) was built by peasants in the early 20th century with the typical architectural design of the island. 80 cm strong stone walls, very small windows and low doors.

The main materials used were lime and pillars made of Savina (typical Formentera tree). the central block remained completely original while all other outbuildings (in total 4 annexes plus a guest house) have been converted in accordance with the techniques and materials of yesteryear.

The philosophy is to combine technological materials, such as textured resins for pavings, with materials from bygone times, taking care to maintain and recover, where possible, original fragments of the house which convey the charm of yesteryear.

Alan House in San Bonifacio

Adriana House in Panarea

Casa Adriana Filicudi

Aeolian Islands – Sicily – Italy

The house is located on the island of Filicudi, in the quarter Pecorini Mare “sutta i rutte” (“at the caves”), and can be reached by way of the communal seafront road.
The house is in the classic Aeolian style, one-storeyed and surrounded by a huge, multi-level garden, which is bordered by stone walls, interrupted here and there by comfortable brick-built seating.

Seen from the sea the house looks like the last dwelling on the stone beach of Filicudi, with its roof completely covered by a huge bougainvillea, among palms and caper bushes.
The bougainvillea has influenced the choice of colour for the fixtures, the internal and external flooring, the skirting and edging around the French doors of the house.