Fabrizio House in Cavallo

Cavallo, France

Fabio House in Filicudi

Eco house in Cavallo

Cavallo, France

Dick House (Casa dei sette mulini) in Panarea island

Aeolian archipelago, Sicily, Italy

The complex was created in the mid-fifties by Toto Koopman and her lover Erica
Brauer. Toto was born in 1900, the daughter of the Dutch governor of Java and his Javanese partner. After the war, in Switzerland she met Erica, a German-Jewish lesbian. They became lovers and remained as partners till Toto died in the mid-eighties.

In the early fifties, Panarea was a deserted island, the inhabitants having mostly emigrated to either America or Australia.

Arriving in ’59 the couple were able to buy the houses from the families of fishermen who sold the properties for little more than 200 thousand lire. They gradually created the Sette Mulini compound which now covers about 1800 sq. mt. between the houses and the garden. The three houses are on different levels of the terraced land, one on the level of the road and the other two on the higher terraces.

Toto was the inspiration behind much of what Sette Mulini is today. Local workers were hired to rebuild the houses with the typical bamboo-covered terraces and Aeolian columns.

Today old Aeolian jars are alternated with carved Maroccan doors, Sicilian majolica and English pieces, all lovingly blended together in such a harmonious way that could only be achieved by someone who has lived within these walls.

Casa Carlo Formentera

Balearic Islands – Spagna

Traditional finca on Formentera, in the country side near Sant Francesc. In the main body of the rustic house a beautiful double room has been furbished. Two rooms for the owners´ children and one for guests have been set up where time ago the stables used to be.

The sea can be seen from the double room, a chill-out area can be found among the bougainvillea. Among the furniture there are many Provencal and Argentine pieces.

The house is surrounded by palms, almond trees and fruit and vegetable gardens. The architect and friend of the family Bruno Minardi helped the house owners to organize the rooms and furniture.

Casa Belquis Filicudi

Aeolian Islands – Italy

The house is in Canale, a small hamlet on the island of Filicudi consisting of about a dozen houses. The Aeolian traditions honouring conversion was supervised directly by the owner, a decorator and designer.

The lime-covered walls have been frescoed and a couple of rooms which were so far accessible only from the outside, have been connected: a roomy kitchen, a living and a bedroom, a bath, are now all interconnecting.

A typical Aeolian terrace with a cane-covered roof and “pulere” (pillars) and brick-benches (bisuoli) for seating, is at the front of the house.

Antonella house in Portofino

Genova – Liguria – Italy

The house is located on Portofino Mount, a country house in the Forties that once was a shelter for the shepherds moving to the mount with their animals before the arrival of winter.

It has two floors: on the ground floor there are the entrance, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.

On the upper floor there are the bed rooms with vaulted ceilings and, above all, several views on the bay of Portofino.

Madonna House – Island of Ponza

Latio, Italy

The villa is located in the area called Le Forna, the highest part of the island of Ponza. Dating back to the 1800s, the house was built in local tuff stone. Its simple façade is decorated with two rose windows above the French doors.

This old house, filled with all its furniture, was abandoned by a woman who had emigrated to America, along with many other islanders, in search of a better life. From the property there is a beautiful view overlooking the rock called Tartaruga (Turtle) and the island of Palmarola.

With the same respect that has always distinguished her relationship with the island, Anna Fendi decided that the house should keep its old name, “Villa Madonna” and that its interiors should be restored in keeping with its original style and spirit.

Strid House in Portofino

Antonella House Domaine Sperone


The house is situated in Domaine of Sperone, an area that occupies a large part of the Coast from Capo Pertusato to Pintarella beach, closer to Bonifacio, in front of Lavezzi’s archipelago.

The planning for building was developed by a team of French architects, GEA, that worked before for the construction of villas in California and in Avoriaz. They tried to planning a residential area respecting the characters of the place, choosing for this the wood as the main material used.

Inside the Domaine there are four kind of allotments: Ciappili, Hautes de Sperone, Falatte and Piantarella.Maison M, designed and projected by the architect Brzeczkowski is situated in the Falatte division and has been finished in July 2005. All of the furnishing of the interiors was made by the owner.