Antonella House Domaine Sperone


The house is situated in Domaine of Sperone, an area that occupies a large part of the Coast from Capo Pertusato to Pintarella beach, closer to Bonifacio, in front of Lavezzi’s archipelago.

The planning for building was developed by a team of French architects, GEA, that worked before for the construction of villas in California and in Avoriaz. They tried to planning a residential area respecting the characters of the place, choosing for this the wood as the main material used.

Inside the Domaine there are four kind of allotments: Ciappili, Hautes de Sperone, Falatte and Piantarella.Maison M, designed and projected by the architect Brzeczkowski is situated in the Falatte division and has been finished in July 2005. All of the furnishing of the interiors was made by the owner.